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Marinduque is located approx. 170 km south of Manila, so still relatively close by, but still little known. It can be reach by plane or bus trip to Lucena City with continuous boat trip to Balancan port. The travel cost by bus & boat are quite inexpensive (approx. P250.00 per person one way for bus & boat). Detailed information you can find on the following websites:

At Katala Beach Resort we care for students, which like to explore the rich nature Marinduque island has to offer. Students can walk around and climb the mountains to explore the vegetation, flora & fauna, wild living animals like different kind of birds (with a bit of luck and patience you’ll see the Philippine eagles flying around, since several pairs of them call this island their home) monkeys, snakes, lizards, wild boars, butterflies in many colors, shape and sizes (pls. refer to  and many more. To explore all of this doesn’t cost anything, except maybe, if you like a local guide and use transportation, but both is reasonable cheap. The surrounding underwater world is waiting for your exploration. 

An inactive volcano named Mt. Malindig has given the island a sulfur spring (Malbog) and is itself a good spot for excursions. Different heights will show complete changes of flora and fauna, which everyone interested in botany will like. Historical sites are also available and even a white beach at Poctoy, Torrijos. You can go back in time exploring the fossils been found at Batala Caves, the Tres Reyes Islands and elsewhere around the island and many more.

The next semester break is approaching, but also for school organized field trips, Katala Beach Resort offers special students discounts.

 Prizes for accommodations:

11 air-conditioned rooms twin sharing basis 

room rate P700.00 for 2 person so only P350.00 per head
groups of 6 – 12 person10% discount which means only P315.00 per head
groups of 14 – 22 person15% discount so only P298.00 per head
Only in casa of group with odd numbers, the extra person willing to share one of the rooms, sleeping on an extra mattress additional only P100.00 for this person. 

with electric fan

7 rooms of this on triple sharing basis
room rate P500.00 for 3 person so only P165.00 per head
6, 9 or 12 person 10% discount so only P150.00 per head
15, 18 or 21 person 15% discount so only P142.00 per head
4 or 6 person sharing one room room rate for 4 bed room P540.00 so only P135.00 per head
room rate for 6 bed room P750.00 so only P125.00 per head
Groups of 32 person and up each additional person only P60.00

Furthermore we offer special meal package of only P165.00 per day for three meals or you can cook and grill yourself by using our equipment (stove, pots, pans, plates, etc.) for which we charge only P100.00 per day. Our seminar room with overhead projector, speaker system and blackboard can be rented for only P500.00 per day. We can organize or assist you for all field trips on land and at sea, dive trips, round trips, etc.

We hope you’ll find our offer inviting and would be pleased to welcome you at Katala Beach Resort to make your stay as comfortable, interesting and memorable as possible. For further inquiries , please call us at Tel.042-3337117 or e-mail us at
and visit our website at:

Best regards 
Katala Beach Resort 

Jocelyn & Josef Schrötter




Function Room